Technology designed to allow for free movement.

We improve basic ergonomics

At CHARLY, we strive to create products that improve on basic ergonomics and provide athletes a desired full range of motion.

Best Support

For tops, we concentrate the support of the bust in the back of the garment so when women are exercising, the rebound of the bust doesn’t negatively impact them.


Better accommodation in garments

For bikers, capris, and leggins, we standardize our textiles to control compression throughout the legs. We use textiles that allow for a four-way stretch and add additional panels of fabric that will best fit on the body.

Our leggings compress important muscle areas to help speed up recovery time and keep a healthy blood flow when exercising.

4 directions of stretch

The crotch panel featues textiles that four-way stretch so the garment will not rip when lowering or bending.

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