15% lighter

Steamcell reduces the shoes weight by 15%, increases flexibility, and gives you a greater energy return in every step. The E-TPU compound it is composed of expands to form small air filled cells allowing for a smooth ride.

High performance

built for athletes that don't settle.

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STEAMCELL offers 20% more bounce and is lighter than traditional soles. Whether you are in the gym, running, or on the go, you’ll feel ready for you next challenge when it comes.

Comfort for any

STEAMCELL technology is found in CHARLY’s specialized running, walking, basketball, and training shoes. Each discipline requires safety, relief, and impact absortion to account for all aspects of an athlete.

Shoe durability

STEAMCELL allows you to maintain high performance without having to compromise the durability of your shoe. This technology performs well in low temperaturas, providing high elasticity and softness.

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